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Collapsible & Folding Trolley Australia September 21, 2018 - Posted in: Product Spotlight

Find Trolleys That Meet Your Business’s Unique Needs When You Shop QHDC Online: From Folding Carts and Collapsible Trolleys to Multi-Tier Trolleys, We Can Be Your Supplier in Australia

Most businesses which have a fleet of shopping carts opt for the most traditional design. The standard four-wheel trolley that you find in most supermarkets or department stores is versatile and multi-functional, meeting the needs of most retail establishments. However, what happens if you need your fleet to include at least a few more specialised shopping cart models. Perhaps you are looking for folding trolley carts in Australia. Maybe you need carts that are adapted to the requirements of customers in wheelchairs. Or maybe you require a few smaller, two-tier trolleys to supplement your fleet of larger carts.

QHDC: Your Folding Trolley Supplier (and Other Shopping Cart Variations Too)

At QHDC, we are experienced in meeting the unique needs of different retail establishments throughout Australia. For more than three decades, we have been supplying stores and shopping centres throughout the country with shopping carts. In fact, we have grown to be the top supplier for shopping carts nationwide. We even serve markets outside of Australia, including in New Zealand and the Pacific.

We would never have been able to establish this massive footprint if we hadn’t had the capacity to adapt to the needs of our customers. For years, we have focused on developing and marketing a hugely diverse range of products. Yes, we can supply the standard four-wheel shopping cart that you see in every supermarket. Indeed, we’ve supplied many of them! However, if your business has more unique or specialised needs, we can meet those, too.

For instance, if you are scouring the internet looking for a foldable trolley online, you might well find yourself on our website. QHDC offers a range of foldable and collapsible trolleys to meet your needs. If you are trying to cater to the requirements of families with special needs children, we can help you with an ‘additional needs trolley’ design. With features including a larger-than-average child seat, a four-point harness system, brakes and fixed direction front wheels, this trolley makes it easier to steer and navigate through a store while also keeping a child with special needs happy, safe and comfortable.

These are just two types of special trolley designs we offer. In addition to being a special needs trolley and folding trolley supplier, we also offer multi-tier trolleys, removable basket trolleys, branded promotional trolleys, wheelchair trolleys and even stock or warehouse trolleys. No matter what your business requires in the trolley realm, you can bet that QHDC either offers it already or can design it for you on a custom basis.

Get Help Finding the Right Trolley for Your Business

Whether you are seeking a specific type of collapsible trolley online or know that your business is going to require a custom design for its shopping cart fleet, QHDC can help. Call us today to get started on your trolley fleet.