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Found An Abandoned Trolley? August 18, 2017 - Posted in: Industry

At QHDC we want to do our bit for the environment. We are aware that abandoned trolleys have become an issue on our streets and would like to help to get them collected and sent back to their owner.

If you find an abandoned trolley, please find the steps you can follow to help the trolleys to get home:

1. Check the trolley handle to identify the store it belongs to
2. Write down the location of the trolley
3. Write down the quantity of the trolleys

Trolley Branding Phone Website
Coles, Kmart, First Choice 1800 876 553 Coles Customer Service
Woolworths, BigW, Select IGA, Dan Murphy’s 1800 641 497
Trolley Tracker
Target 1800 163 900 N/A


Reported trolleys will be collected by the appropriate collection team on their next scheduled street run.

Alternatively, if the trolley belongs to a nearby store, please contact them directly as these trolleys are a valuable asset to them. Thank you very much for joining us in supporting this worthy cause.