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Heavy Duty Warehouse Work Picking & Platform Trolley September 21, 2018 - Posted in: Product Spotlight



Streamlining Warehouse Work with the Right Supplier: Choosing a Heavy Duty Platform or Picking Trolley


Though the average person might not know it, the products they purchase in stores and receive from online orders all spent time on warehouse shelving at some point in their lives. For those who operate warehouses and are responsible for the safe, timely, and accurate disbursement of products and materials from storage, the warehouse trolley is an essential tool. Whether you’re fitting out a new operation or you are in search of an upgrade for your current work trolley solutions, finding the right product means identifying options that align with your operational needs. At QHDC Australia, we bring decades of experience to bear for our clients, backed up by a robust inventory of products.


Choosing a warehouse picking trolley often involves many considerations, many of which can centre around ease of use for your staff. Such a trolley must be sized appropriately to fit between the storage aisles, have wheels or castors strong enough to bear a full load, and conform to other requirements. As your heavy duty trolley supplier, QHDC can not only offer many stock choices but can also undertake custom designs based on special needs. How can we help you discover the ideal option? We can begin by considering the specifics of your warehouse and its demands.


The advantages of an experienced heavy duty trolley supplier


A warehouse trolley that works for one location may not be the ideal choice for another, different location. Why isn’t there a one size fits all solution? The answer to that is simple: because of the huge amount of variation between locations. Consider that a trolley intended for heavy duty use in and outside of cold storage may need to use special materials to handle the extreme temperatures, whereas a simple trolley for picking parts and products for shipment won’t face such demands. Likewise, some warehouses are much harder to manoeuvre in than others; this necessitates the need for castors with greater ranges of motion. In other cases, fixed position wheels are the best choice.


At QHCD Australia, learning about your operations is always the first step we take in helping guide you through our product catalogue, which features more than 2000 separate items. Let’s say you want to place a bulk order for a warehouse platform trolley that will form the backbone of your logistics operations on the floor. A QHCD team member can discuss the dimensions of your workspace (i.e., aisle widths), the anticipated loads the trolleys will bear, and more. Armed with this information, we leverage our experience to present suggestions that align with the unique needs of your warehouse. The result: satisfied clients with employees that can work safely and efficiently.


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The range of our materials handling solutions corresponds to the range of end users we service. To find out more about how QHCD Australia can deliver off the shelf or custom transport solutions, reach out online or call us on 1300 025 468. We service businesses Australia-wide and to New Zealand, meaning a phone call is all it takes to explore your business’s choices.