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4 Creative Uses for Wheels and Castors June 01, 2017 - Posted in:

There are lots of ways that adding wheels and castors around your home can improve its looks and decrease the work and effort required every day.

Heavy furniture items

Moving furniture in order to dust, vacuum or mop can be a painful exercise in pulled muscles rather than actual cleaning. A lot of the misery can be eliminated by adding castors to heavier items that can’t be lifted easily by one person. It can also allow you to declutter, by keeping only frequently-used furniture in common areas, and wheeling out extra items only when needed.

Musical equipment

Every musician wants a jam room, but not everyone has the floor space to keep music equipment set up 24/7. Installing castors on amps, speakers and other bulky music equipment can make it a lot easier to construct and deconstruct a jam room on the fly.

Health care

A range of large, bulky health care items like dialysis machines tend to be supplied without moveable frames. You can minimise the stress of relocating these by placing them on a simple trolley or even a wheeled board.

Catering equipment

If you like to hold dinner parties in your home, you’ll know that you often need extra, temporary surfaces. A moveable, collapsible kitchen island or dessert trolley can make serving up delicious food a lot easier.

Things to Remember

Keep these points in mind when adding wheels or castors to objects around your home:

  • Be aware that carpets create more drag than hard floor surfaces. You might need larger wheels and castor combination for carpeted areas.
  • Consider an item’s centre of gravity when you’re deciding whether to put castors on it. For example, a short bookshelf that’s wider than it is tall could move well on castors, whereas a tall bookshelf could be a dangerous idea if not constructed properly. The shorter, wider, and deeper an item, the more likely it is to move well on castors. Again, carpets can increase the risk of furniture toppling over when moved.
  • Putting castors on furniture can concentrate the weight of the item onto comparatively small areas (where the wheels touch the ground). Some floor surfaces will indent and/or scratch with this extra pressure. Wood floors and linoleum both tend to suffer from this problem.
  • Use lockable castors where possible. It might seem great to have furniture that’s easily movable, but keep in mind that we tend to rely on furniture to stay where we put it! Castors on beds, couches, and chairs can all create dangerous situations for absent-minded people. Using lockable castors can cut down on the problem by fixing the castors in place – but this is only helpful if they are, in fact, locked! This is especially important if you have elderly or physically frail people in your home.

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