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6 Fun, Clever and Crazy Uses for Shopping Trolleys March 30, 2017 - Posted in:

The humble shopping trolley doesn’t get much in the way of applause. Almost everyone uses one frequently, but have you ever thought about just how handy they can be?


Put wheels on your art by incorporating a shopping trolley into your sculpture. The wire frame makes a fantastic base for all sorts of materials to be woven into or suspended from. Think yarn, jewellery wire, and beads.

Outdoor decor

Need some outdoor furniture to relax on after a hard day? Prefer it to be easily movable? Turn a shopping trolley into a sun lounger with just a bit of work and a few cushions.


Add some inflatable tyres, and a shopping trolley can turn into an incredibly useful receptacle for gardening tools, plants, and green offcuts. Add a canvas or fine mesh bag, and you can dump out loads of grass clippings from your mower’s catcher instead of hauling each lot to your mulcher or green waste bin.

Create a moving patch of greenery with some plant pots and ferns, and two small vertical garden walls fastened to the sides of the trolley. Layered well, you could grow an entire salad’s worth of plants in the one trolley.


Throwing a theme party? Just feel like doing something fun and a bit crazy? A metal shopping trolley can actually make a pretty good BBQ – and it’s far more portable than most options!


Sick of shopping trolleys that go everywhere but where you want them to go? Fed up with straining your back just keeping a loaded trolley in its correct path? Bring your own, and you can have the high quality shopping experience that you deserve. Take it to farmers’ markets and any occasion where you’re likely to find yourself loaded up with supplies. But you don’t have to blend in with the crowd. Pimp your shopping ride with metallic paint and some bling, or go for a more earth-friendly look with a lining of recycled hessian coffee bags and knitted handgrips. If you plan to replace the wheels, though, keep in mind that the trolley will no longer lock into place on travelators. If you’re movement-impaired, you could customise your shopping trolley to make it easier to load and push. For example, you could lower the handle or replace one side with a half-height stretchy net.

Miniature trolleys

These adorable little things make lovely and unusual gift baskets – perfect for friends who enjoy shopping and a great way to present party favours.

Feeling inspired?

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