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Choosing Between The Different Types of ATVs March 15, 2017 - Posted in:

ATVs are a popular recreational option, especially for families looking for active but exciting ideas for regular outings. But which one is right for you?

What is an ATV?

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV for short) is a powered vehicle designed to be driven on rough terrain rather than roads. Often resembling four-wheeled motorbikes (quad-bikes), they’re commonly used for recreational purposes, but they’re also heavily used in industries like farming, emergency services, and the military.

The secret to success for an ATV is its combination of high power, low weight (not enclosed like an SUV), low centre of gravity (to minimise the chances of overturning) and very effective suspension that not only provides the rider with a smoother ride, but minimises changes in angle of the body of the ATV, again cutting down on chances of overturning.

The different types of ATV

There are many varieties of all-terrain vehicles available today. The ones that you’re most likely to come across are:


You might have seen larger versions of these driving tourists around beachside tourist hotspots; they’re best on fairly flat ground, sand, or in the water. Half boat, half land vehicle, they typically don’t perform brilliantly on either medium – but they can be great for day trips where you don’t want to be hauling excess weight.

Quad bike

These are the classic ATVs that most of us would be familiar with. They can handle a range of rough and bumpy ground, although it’s important to be aware that they will still roll if ridden along too angled a slope. Some come with a roll bar designed to protect the rider if it overturns.


Less stable and usually lower-powered than a quad bike. However, these still provide a fun, fairly easy ride across comparatively flat terrain like an acreage back yard.


Generally only used these days in commercial, emergency services and military applications. They can carry more people and equipment, and they’re generally tougher and more heavy-duty.

Which one is right for me?

There are all sorts of ATVs, and they all suit different needs and budgets. We recommend that you decide what you want in the following basic categories:

  • Purpose: recreation or commercial?
  • Looks: are you after something flashy? Low-key? Utilitarian?
  • Terrain types: where do you want to ride it? Bushland? Beach? Backyard?
  • Safety rating: what level of stability are you looking for? Do you want a rollbar?
  • Road use: do you want to ride it on the roads, or just off-road?
  • Power: do you want something high-powered and fast? Family-friendly?
  • Fuel efficiency: petrol or diesel? Do you prefer low ongoing costs?

Need wheels?

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