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Heavy-Duty Wheels and Castors May 16, 2017 - Posted in:

Wheels make our world go around

More than any other human invention, wheels really do make our world go around. Think about it – wheels are everywhere! Without wheels, our cars wouldn’t get us to work and our office chairs would stay stationary all day long. From the humble trolley on moving day to massive harvesters on farms across the globe, our lives and our industries depend on wheels and castors to keep things moving.

We specialise in the big stuff

Industrial Wheels and Castors is trusted by companies around the world, because we have a huge range of heavy-duty products and the expertise to help any sized business become – and stay – productive and functional. We specialise in the big stuff. Our heavy-duty wheels and castors can support loads from 500kg to a whopping 30 tonnes. They can be used on industrial toolboxes, boat cradles, event rigging and in almost any situation where a wheel might make a big, heavy object a lot easier to move around.

We service all sorts of industries

Thousands of size options gives you the equipment that you need to move all sorts of products. We service all sorts of industries. Our wheels and castors help move and navigate aeroplanes loading. They keep mining and farming machinery producing smoothly. They help boat manufacturers to move massive yachts and ships while on land, and event managers to move around infrastructure like stages, tents, bleachers, lighting, and sound equipment.

We’ll keep you rollin’

If it’s large and heavy, and you need to move it, we have the know-how and the products to help you out. You can check out our wheels, castors and other products on the website, or just call us on (07) 5582 0001 to talk to one of our expert team; we can help you figure out exactly which wheels and castors will best suit your needs and keep you rollin’.