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Mowing your lawn could save your life and the planet November 12, 2016 - Posted in:

Did you know? Your lawn produces 3 times more oxygen than trees, and that a small lawn can release enough oxygen to support a family of four for 24 hours. Which to us say’s your lawn could save your life and the planet. At Industrial Wheels and Castors, we like to think of ourselves as environmentalists and have compiled an extensive range of wheels, tyres and accessories to meet the needs of all lawn mowers types.

Rollin and check out our range of wheel or tyre for every size lawn mower:

        from the smallest of home lawn mowers to

        OEM Tyres for your commercial ride-on mowers to

        difficult terrain tyres, our range of AGGRESSIVE tyres will get you rollin.

We also have an extensive range of trailers for ride-on lawn mowers, wheel barrows and garden trolleys to make your garden projects an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Industrial Wheels and Castors are your experts in sales and support for anything you need to keep rollin. Check out over 1,700 products online or if you’re on the Gold Coast come into our Arundel workshop and talk to an expert.