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That Thud Really Hurt! February 25, 2017 - Posted in:

We always talk about how we can keep you rollin at Industrial Wheels and Castors, but what we wished more of our customers asked is, “how will these wheels help me stop?”, as one of our friends, let’s call him “Fred”, found out the hard way.

Fred visited our Arundel shopfront and asked for some “super duper ATV tyres”, he wanted them to be durable and last. When asked are you doing anything different with your ATV, he said “no.. just the usual”. What Fred didn’t tell us is that he loves racing his mates on the weekends through the bush.

Long story short, as Fred came around the bend thinking he would beat his mate back to the starting point, he didn’t take into consideration the amazing grip his new ATV tyres would have. This was something he had time to ponder as he floated through the air hoping he wouldn’t hit that tree.

Poor Fred ended up with a broken arm, ribs and collar bone all because he didn’t want to admit how much fun he has. The lesson to be learn here is Industrial Wheels and Castors are here to keep you safe, so think of us as your local priest and tell us your sins so we can keep you safe, and beating your friends.

With a size range and tyres for ever ATV, QUAD or Golf Cart, Industrial Wheels and Castors really are your mate on the sidelines. Call 07 5582 0001 today to talk to an expert and let’s make sure you pick the right wheel for whatever it is you love to do on your ATV or Golf Cart.