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Why a Healthy Lawn Can Be Better Than Trees February 15, 2017 - Posted in:

While trees are lovely plants to have around a home, we’d like to point out that the humble lawn often doesn’t receive the appreciation that it deserves. Here are just a few ways that a lawn can have real benefits over trees in the yard.

A great environment

Plants use a process called photosynthesis to pull in carbon dioxide, use the carbon to create more cells and grow, then release oxygen into the air. The bigger leaf area a plant has for its size, the more photosynthesis it can perform and the faster it can grow. Lawn grass, being almost all leaf and constantly growing, tends to produce more oxygen than trees. Plants of all sorts can also remove toxins from the surrounding air – more of a concern indoors than outdoors, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!


A well-kept lawn is a joy to both walk and play on. A healthy lawn is a great place to have a game with the kids, or just relax after work with a beer. It provides a soft surface for children to land on, while still providing a lovely tactile experience.

Good looks

It’s difficult to go past a lawn for sheer calm, quiet beauty. There’s something about the colour and the texture that inspires feelings of relaxation and luxury.

No leaves in the pool

Trees can be great shade-providers, but when you have a pool, that shade comes at the price of having to fish slimy wet leaves out on a regular basis. Even without a pool, cleaning up after many trees can be a pain in the neck. Contrast this with a lawn: just run a mower over it regularly, and the offcuts either go neatly into the catcher to be used for mulch, or can be left where they lie to fertilise the lawn.


If you have children and pets, you probably know the sinking feeling that comes with a little one wandering inside with a bit of greenery hanging out of its mouth. What exactly did they just eat, and was it poisonous? Lawn grasses are non-toxic to humans and animals alike, providing just a little peace of mind when inevitable experiments occur. Dogs and cats will appreciate the opportunity to have an occasional nibble on something green!


Lawn grasses are some of the most tolerant plants around. Think about it – just how many plants can you think of that will cope with being walked on, crushed, watered infrequently, and fertilised even less frequently that they’re watered? People tend to think about lawns as needing a lot of water, but that’s mostly because many plant lawns without thinking too much about weather conditions changing and drought hitting. A number of lawn grasses will actually tolerate hot and/or dry conditions quite well – some will even allow the top layers of leafiness to die off in extended droughts, but keep the roots alive in order to spring back when water is more available.

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