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Pallet Jack Supplier Australia September 21, 2018 - Posted in: Industry

Give Your Warehouse Workers the Equipment They Need: Choose QHDC as Your Supplier for Stock Carts, Hand Pallet Jacks and Other Heavy Duty Materials Handling Equipment in Australia

The warehouse floor can be a dangerous place to work, but it’s a lot safer when the workers have the right equipment to do their jobs. Providing the ‘right equipment’ is something we can help with at QHDC. While we are best known as Australia’s top supplier of shopping carts, we also sell stock/warehouse trolleys, hand trucks, hydraulic lifts and pallet jacks in Australia. If you need new materials handling equipment for your warehouse staff, we can help you stock up on the right products.

Building the Right Fleet of Materials Handling Equipment

The goal behind any fleet of materials handling equipment should be to reduce the strain on your warehouse staff while also providing them with extra safety protections. A lot of heavy lifting happens on the warehouse floor. Having the right lifts, carts and trolleys can make those parts of the job easier and reduce the risk of injury.

At QHDC, we take the concerns of our clients very seriously. We know that having high quality materials handling equipment could mean the difference between a safe workplace and a health and safety violation. We also know that the companies we work with have a lot of pride in their workers and want to keep them safe. When you shop with us, your goals for safety and reliability become our own.

For instance, let’s say you choose us as your hand pallet jack supplier. In such a case, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. Our pallet jack only weighs 55 kg, which means it is incredibly manoeuvrable and very easy to move around the warehouse. However, we still wanted to be a heavy duty pallet jack supplier, which means that we didn’t skimp on lift capacity. On the contrary, this pallet jack can lift 2.5 tonnes. It has 12 levels of lift height and is extremely durable despite its lightweight design. The lightweight design, meanwhile, helped us improve the handling of the model, with three position control and a 190-degree turning angle. The result is a pallet jack that offers the best of both worlds: incredible lift capacity and easy, intuitive handling. We stand by it as a safe and reliable product for any warehouse floor.

The same goes for any of our other materials handling products. Our stock carts, hand trucks and foldable trolleys are extremely durable and can be used to transport heavy loads. Our hydraulic lifts are perfect for reducing the strain of certain heavy lifting tasks on the warehouse floor. Our shelving units can meet demanding weight capacity needs. The list goes on and on and shows how committed we are to safety.

Choose QHDC As Your Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Supplier

If you are looking for flat-bottomed carts, hand trucks, hydraulic lifts or pallet jacks in Australia—or any other materials handling equipment, for that matter—our team at QHDC would be happy to help you meet your needs. Call us today to make us your materials handling/hand pallet rack supplier.