We supply a wide range of materials handling equipment, with trolleys up to 800kg max load, including handtrucks, flatdecks with non-marking wheels, service, hydraulic lift trolleys and nestable rollcages. Our trolleys are used in a variety of industries including fabrication, warehousing, hospitality, aged care, medical and retail. Our materials handling trolleys are also suitable for personal use. We stock general purpose handtrucks with a 270KG maximum load fabricated in aluminium or steel with pneumatic or solid wheels.
Our specialty handtrucks can carry up to 450KG and the range include appliance, convertible, drum, bottle and stairclimber.

The lightweight folding handtruck trolleys are ideal for all sorts of everyday applications. These are made from lightweight, hard wearing aluminium and nylon. With the push of a button they erect to give you a sturdy light weight handtruck trolley with a 100kgs max load rating, and then with a push of the same button can quickly and easily fold ready to carry or fit into a small place ready for next time. Aluminium and steel construction.

The twin gas bottle handtruck is designed for moving twin oxy acetylene bottles easily with maximum 200kg load rating, and low centre of gravity design allowing for easy tile back no matter how heavy the load is.

The multi-purpose aluminum handtruck is supplied with pneumatic wheels for a smooth ride, with maximum 250kg load.

Our hydraulic lift trolleys are foldable for easy storage available in 150KG and 500KG load capacities. Popular in the hospitality and aged care industries are our light weight & durable service carts which come in multiple configurations and feature non-marking wheels.

Whether it be for laundries or warehousing, our nestable rollcages feature 4 access doors, 2 swivel, 2 braking castors and can be sold with or without a fitted weather proof PVC rollcage cover.

Our flatdecks and stock trolleys come with 4 and 6 non marking wheels and can carry up to 800KG and come in multiple configurations.

For all matters regarding our materials handling equipment, contact us today.