We are the exclusive Australian suppliers of the World’s most innovative wheel and castor design and manufacturing company, BLICKLE.

They make a comprehensive range of wheels and castors for every need. The Blickle range of wheels and castors exceeds the market in the extreme temperature and heavy-duty product ranges where their engineering excellence exceeds the global market

We pride in our products which excel in engineering mastery to support some of the world’s largest products, stages, mining machinery, aeroplanes etc.

Blickle products excel in engineering complexity to support some of the world’s largest products like: stages, mining machinery and aeroplanes etc.

No matter your needs Blickle has a product to suit, from: light duty wheels and castors, synthetic castors, rubber wheels and castors, wheels and castors with pneumatic tyres, heavy duty wheels and castors with super-elastic solid rubber tyres, wheels and castors with injection-moulded or cast polyurethane tread, heavy duty nylon, cast iron wheels and castorspremium heavy duty solid steel wheels and castors, flanged wheels and castors, stainless steel castors, heat-resistant wheels and castors, spring-loaded heavy duty castors, compact and levelling castors, guide rollers, wheels and rollers for pallet trucks, stackers and other forklift trucks, drive and hub fitting wheels and even tyres and press-on bands.


Levelling machinery Shopfitting Shelving Racking
Static Displays Reducing Noise in a workshop Reducing vibration of machinery
Retail / Shops Restaurants Workshops
Events / Staging Retail Trolleys Moving Trolleys
Marine / Boat transport Lawn Care Industrial Manufacturing
Mining Machinery Aeroplan Transport Hospital & Health Applications
Patient Transport Patient Beds Medical Applications
Retail Trolleys Hardware Trolleys Service Trolleys
Material Handling Trolleys Wheelbarrows Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
Air Transport Food and Beverage Transport Defense Applications
Educational Trolleys Strata Management Farming and Market Trolleys

Blickle is known for its solution-based products. Here are some great Blickle innovations in the Food, Hygiene and Transport industries provided by Blickle. If you would like to see all their innovations by Industry you can visit BLICKLE.

  1. Food and Hygiene solutions
    • The food industry needs to meet stringent requirements in terms of hygiene and quality assurance. Production faults may be harmful to the health of consumers. Processes and plants are therefore designed in detail to meet the specific requirements of this industry – this includes the most appropriate wheels and castors that should be used. With an effective wheel you’re not moving anywhere.
    • These are used, for example, in production plants as well as in conveyor or storage systems. The usually damp environment and frequent cleaning, usually with aggressive chemicals, presents a great challenge: Both of these factors cause corrosion to the steel brackets of the castors and attack polyurethane treads, causing them to wear and deteriorate at a faster rate. The outcome of this is a higher risk of injury to employees and / or contamination of the goods. Neither are acceptable in business, thus simply selecting the right wheel and castor from the beginning is a time and cost saving initiative.
  2. Resistant to moisture and chemicals
    • The wheels in the BLICKLE POBS series, for example, manage to meet these stringent hygiene requirements. The tread is made from the premium reaction-injected polyurethane Blickle Besthane Soft, is resistant to both moisture and aggressive chemicals. The wheels feature very low rolling resistance, a high dynamic load capacity and load capacities of up to 500 kilograms. The thick and soft-injected tread ensures comfortable, low-noise rolling and does not leave any marks or discolouration on the floor. The bracket for the swivel and fixed castors in this series are made from high-quality stainless steel. This makes them corrosion-resistant and perfectly suited for conditions in the food industry.
  3. Detection of detached fragments with metal detectors
    • Companies in the food sector need customised solutions. For example, BLICKLE developed special nylon wheels for a customer where stainless-steel fibres were included in the injection moulding process. With this, detached fragments can be detected with the aid of metal detectors. These wheels are used on butchers’ trolleys, which are emptied directly over the processing plant. This enabled the company to guarantee a high level of safety by preventing fragments of material from entering the production process.
  4. Truck locks provide safe solutions for Transport and Mobile equipment
    • Truck locks securely and reliably lock transport units and mobile equipment in their resting position. Instead of using a jack to raise them up, truck locks make it quick and easy to lock transport units in place by simply pressing a pedal. Blickle continue to release innovative, safety focused products in the medical fields, patient transport and health fields.