We have a range of Buffers and Bumper will keep your maintenance team on cloud 9, as we can save them hours of painting or fixing holes in wall.

We all know rogue trolleys, tables or even staff can damage your property, our range of buffers and bumpers will do their best to take the impact protecting your property and building. Our bumpers and buffers will also help you create a more ergonomic working environment. In addition, you will be able to protect your assets and avoid potential asset repair and physical injury costs.

Our Buffers are made from solid, hard wearing, non-marking thermoplastic elastomer. They are shock and impact absorbing with a round or square hole, 94mm & 100mm diameter available.

Our Bumpers are made from non-marking grey reinforced polyurethane with internal steel support. External dimensions 100 x 100 x 25mm, internal dimensions 80 x 80mm, hole dimensions 4 x 6mm.

There are three types of buffers and bumpers:

  1. Rubber buffer/bumper
    • There has been a shift from the usage of natural caoutchouc rubbers to synthetic caoutchouc which are now widely used due to their properties making them highly versatile, and able to be used in numerous applications. The rubber buffers and bumpers have high elasticity and anti-corrosive properties. Also, from the group of elastomers, these have high mechanical properties, namely, continuous breaking strength, resilience elasticity and breaking elongation. These also have high dynamic load capacities.
  2. Cellular Bumpers/Buffers
    • These have high structural resistance and are made from a cellular Polyurethane Elastomer. Cellular bumpers are great for slowing down runaway items and taking high impacts. Be mindful not to use them near leaches and strong acids and operate best from temperatures of -20 C to +80 C. Cellular bumpers are resistant to oil & grease and wear extremely well over the years.
  3. Rubber-to-metal Bumpers/Buffers
    • Great for insulation of impact sound and mechanical vibrations. Commonly used in conveyer systems, machine tools, frame with drive and control units in general engineering and machine frame in conveyer technique. The vulcanization guarantees the highest rubber and steel cohesiveness.

From these bumper/buffer types, there is also a wide variety of products that are available in the bumper/buffer market such as: Foam-filled column cushions, docking bumpers, wall protectors, corner protectors, anti-collision strips, bull-dog racking leg protectors and dock-safe docking bumpers.


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