We have one of the largest ranges of cast iron wheels and castors in Australia. Why use a Cast Iron Wheel?

Cast Iron wheels provide you to push / pull a high capacity / weight with low rolling resistance. They are hard wearing, have a solid core construction, abrasive and heat resistant, what a perfect combination for those applications that need to work every time. This saving your team from downtime while they replace lower quality wheel and castors.

Cast iron wheels are more suitable for carrying evenly dispersed loads and wheel machines very easily. They also make excellent bonding surface for a urethane tire. Cast Iron Wheels are ideal for those high temperatures environments where a wheel needs to work hard around any condition.

Our Cast Iron products are made of rugged cast iron, machined tread and tread edges, with grease nipple, exceptionally low rolling and swivel resistance, outstanding wear resistance and lacquered. They are fitted with pressed in ball bearings and lubricated with lifelong grease.

For plain bore versions, a specific grease must be applied regularly. The relatively high floor pressure should be considered for pressure sensitive floors. They also have high oil, grease and chemical resistance and offer high abrasion, and are highly desired for carrying high capacities on wood block, rough concrete and other rough surfaces.

Cast Iron Wheel and Castors capability examples:

  1. Temperature resistant Blickle Castor
    • Load capacity -150kg, Height -105mm, operating temperatures between -30C to 270C, temporarily up to 300C.
  2. Blickle Heavy Duty Drive Wheel
    • Load capacity – 900kg, Height 200mm, high chemical resistance to many aggressive substances. -30 C to +70 C, temporarily up to +90 C. Maintenance-free under standard conditions.
  3. Welded Steel Heavy Duty Castors
    • Load capacity – 5000kg, Height 400mm, rigid plate, polyurethane-elastomer, non-marking, non-staining.


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