Expanding Adaptors are used to attach single bolt hole castors to a round or square tube.

Adaptors have an expansion range of 2.0mm to 2.5mm and are recommended for tubes with a 1.6 wall or greater. Adaptors and Pintle bolts can be purchased separately or assembled into bolt hole style castors. It is recommended that adaptors are rechecked for tightness up to four weeks after initial installation.

Also, adaptors should be tightened after the first 3 months of usage and then yearly after that. They can be used on castors that have a wheel diameter of 125mm and are able to withstand capacities of up to 150kg. Expanding adaptors can also be used on castors with a wheel diameter of 200mm, however will only be able to withstand capacities of 80kg and below.

Tube range:

  • 20-21.5mm (EXP)
  • 25-27mm (EXP)
  • 27-29mm (Round Tube Adaptor for Bolt Hole Mount Casters)

We also sell the Round Solid Stem adaptor which is 18mm in diameter and 62mm in length.

Common Uses

Trolleys Hand Trolleys Platform trolleys
Mobile Work Benches Folding Trolleys Mail and Document Trolleys
Machinery Chair and Table trolleys Order Picking Trolleys
Furniture Laundry and Housekeeping trolleys Tray Trolleys
Security Cages Storage Trolleys Dollies
Pallet Jacks Scissor Tables Drum equipment
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