Floor Locks and Truck Locks are used to safely prevent portable equipment and machinery, including trolleys, carts, lift tables, from moving when unloading or loading. It is easily operated by foot by pedal and recommended that they be used on level surfaces.

There are two types of trolley locks to prevent trolley movement:

  1. Lift & Hold to lift trolley wheels from the floor, and
  2. Friction Hold which applies friction to the floor using spring tension.

They also feature high-compression springs, easy-access release bar, and non-slip brake pads. Available in three different load height sizes, our lift and hold floor locks bolt into place to the bottom of a flat deck trolleys giving an excellent alternative to replacing existing castors with breaking castors. Our range comes in various heights from 125mm – 155mm to 346mm – 381mm. Made from a hard-wearing steel construction and featuring a swivelling base pad for un-even surfaces, our floor locks are a worthy addition to any warehouse or stock flat deck trolley.

Floors locks are known as heavy-duty and most are made of cast iron, finished with zinc or steel.

Types of floor locks:

  • Adjustable Floor Locks – have a footpad which can be moved up or down depending on the height required for your application. They have uniformed locking and unlocking which allows for effective use of the lock even when springs and pads are worn out.
  • Low-profile floor locks – these are foot operated and have an adjustable pad. They also offer strong wear resistance and excellent precision.
  • Side Mount Floor Locks – these are spring loaded and perfect for working on uneven surfaces. Once a pedal is pushed, they work automatically.
  • Top-mount floor locks – these also use a pedal, they can be installed on a different section of the truck and separately from the caster.

Other types of floor locks:

  • Leveling jacks – these are made with a zinc finish and are designed to be permanently installed as they are screwed-in to stabalised the equipment and usually to maintain a fixed height. When not in use, they have a handle which is folded downwards.
  • Double-pedal foot locks
  • Lift-up locks – these are usually used on trolleys and benches to stop movement by lifting one end of the equipment off the ground. They have a foot pedal for locking and unlocking.


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