Furniture castors are hard-wearing and roll easily on various surfaces including carpet. Their usage ensures flexibility and allows for quick changes in office design. They are designed to carry maximum capacities of 30kg to 100kg and vary in heights from 50mm to 75mm.

Essentially furniture castors are designed to be used outdoors or indoors and to reduce manual labour and effort needed to move furniture and equipment around and also help build a more ergonomically environment. Castors are made in several materials including, chrome plated steel, stainless steel and nylon.

Also castors come in different styles such as swivel and rigid depending on their uses. Swivel castors can move in any direction while rigid castors can only move in 2 directions, backwards and forwards. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles that can be attached to furniture whose requirements they meet.

The Types of Furniture Castors We Offer

  • Furniture Castor – F Series Castors feature hard wearing nylon wheels & housing construction with twin 50mm diameter wheels on each castor. We offer a choice of four different mounting types – Plate Mount, Threaded Stem Mount, Grip Neck Stem Mount & C Stem Mount, all available with or without a brake. A light weight compact but robust design with 30kgs MAX load rating per castor. Often seen on the base of office desks, cabinets, clothing racks and chairs, these castors have a wide range of uses in the home, shop, and office.
  • General Purpose Black Wheel – PVC wheels are typical lawn mower wheels, with many other uses such as light garden furniture. The tread is made of PVC and the rim of high density Polyethelene. Alternative ball bearing option available PVP20040B. They can carry a maximum load of 30kg per castor.
  • Light Duty Plate Mount Castor – L Series Castors feature a strong pressed steel construction with a zinc plate finish for plate & bolt hole mounting. Choice of five mounting types – Rigid Plate, Swivel Plate, Swivel Bolt Hole, Wheel Lock Plate, & Wheel Lock Bolt Hole with choice of Nylon or TPE wheels (available separately). Double ball race on swivel mount. M10 threaded stem available by special order.


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