we have a huge range of heavy-duty products and the expertise to help any sized business become – and stay! – productive and functional.

We specialise in the big stuff. Our heavy-duty wheels and castors can support loads up to a whopping 10 tonnes. They can be used on industrial toolboxes, boat cradles, event rigging and in almost any situation where a wheel might make a big, heavy object a lot easier to move around.

Thousands of size options keep your equipment on the move and making you money. We service EVERY industry and have access to Australian most comprehensive range of wheel and castors for every application, even wheels for moving aeroplanes. We keep mining and farming machinery income producing, we help boat manufacturers to move massive yachts and ships while on land, and event managers to move around infrastructure like stages, tents, bleachers, lighting, and sound equipment.

Our heavy-duty wheels and castors have wheel diameters from 80mm to 280mm. Heavy duty castors have robust frames and are usually fixed to the leg of the portable object with a sturdy steel plate. They are normally attached to devices that need to be moved manually or by mechanical power. They help reduce manual labour and help move heavy duty equipment from one place to another with ease. Just like the standard casters, heavy duty castors are also available in swivel or rigid options.

While swivel castors enable equipment to be pushed in any direction, rigid castors are restricted to only moving backwards and forwards. A lot of things need to be considered when buying castors. For instance, what equipment will they be used for, what sort of environment will they be used in, in terms of temperature and type of floor and how much mobility to they require.

Heavy duty castors and heavy-duty wheels from Blickle

Special heavy-duty castors were developed for use with heavy loads and/or higher travelling speeds. They are particularly sturdy and consist of a very strong welded steel construction. To move extremely heavy loads, so-called twin-wheel castors with two parallel heavy-duty wheels are also used. For vibration-free transport, spring-loaded heavy-duty castors with springs in the bracket are particularly suitable.

Blickle is a renowned specialist for heavy duty wheels and heavy-duty castors. With its many innovative products, Blickle has implemented problem solutions that are used today for a variety of applications around the world. Typical applications of heavy duty castors are high-rack transport vehicles, forklift trucks, assembly systems and intralogistics transport systems.

Properties of heavy duty castors with rubber tyres / wheels:

Properties of heavy duty castors with nylon wheels

Properties of heavy duty castors in 4 exclusive polyurethane qualities

  • Good floor preservation
  • vibration-absorbing
  • High operational comfort
  • 140 to 1,000 kg load capacity


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