Why use a Knock-In Insert? Easy, imagine you have a workbench, chair, table, storage area and you want it to be mobile. Simply remove the existing base, replace with a Knock-In Insert and you can then attach an appropriate weighted wheel & castor for your application. Easy, and you will be rollin in no time.

Our range of Knock-In Inserts consists of square and round inserts to fit most shelving tube sizes. They are made from Fiberglass reinforced nylon for strength and stability, and feature maintenance free zinc plated and stainless steel internal thread plus extended thread length, so they can be used to mount castors. We also have Aluminum threaded inserts. Our range of load capacities start from 100kg to 800kg. These are used to add resistance to torsion and pull out.

In short, a Knock-In Insert allows you to make something mobile by simply connecting a new attachment:

Features of threaded, Knock-in inserts include:

  • You can use a hammer/mallet to insert the Knock-In
  • Knock-In’s come in a varied range of tread sizes to meet all your needs
  • They are made with Black Nylon, which means it won’t rust and bond with the bolt.


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