Light duty castors and light duty wheels are primarily used for indoor applications. They are designed for speeds up to 3 km/h. Typical applications of light duty castors are medical equipment, display stands or equipment for large-scale catering establishments. Our light duty wheels can carry capacities of 40kg to 150kg, while our light duty castors have carrying capacities of 30kg to 280kg.

Our extensive range of light duty wheels and castors include:

  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Wheel – made of high-quality thermoplastic rubber elastomer (TPE), high operational comfort, low-noise operation, low rolling and swiveling resistance, good floor preservation, chemically bonded for an inseparable connection to the wheel center.
  • Solid Nylon Wheel – Nylon 6 is a structural plastic that is injection molded to form different wheel sizes and shapes. Because it is a hard material it has a low rolling resistance (low push effort) however it does not absorb impact, so it is noisier over rough surfaces. Nylon generally has good chemical resistance to petroleum-based chemicals, cleaners and some acids. Being hydroscopic it is not ideal for water immersion and low temperatures, but it is suitable for intermittent wetting where it can dry out. Nylon has excellent load bearing qualities and abrasion resistance.
  • Furniture Castor – F Series Castors feature hard wearing nylon wheels and housing construction with twin 50mm diameter wheels on each castor. A choice of four different mounting types – plate mount, threaded stem mount, grip neck stem mount and C stem mount, all available with or without a brake. A light weight compact but robust design with 30kgs MAX load rating per castor. Often seen on the base of office desks, cabinets, clothing racks and chairs, these castors have a wide range of uses in the home, shop, and office.

Light Duty Wheel Codes

  • TPA –Wheels with thermoplastic rubber tread, with polypropylene wheel centre
  • VPA, VGA – Wheels with solid rubber tyres, with synthetic rim
  • PATH – Wheels with thermoplastic polyurethane tread, with nylon wheel centre
  • POA – Nylon wheels
  • LRA-VSTH, LKRA-VSTH – Light duty castors with bolt hole fitting, wheel with Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane tread


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