Nylon wheel and castors are built for industrial use. White nylon caster wheels are made with a solid nylon material. Black nylon caster wheels are reinforced with glass fibre to increase capacity and reduce friction when rolling.

These wheels are light weight, yet their load capacity is comparable to most metal wheels. The great news is nylon wheel and castors won’t develop a flat spot. They are a great choice in wet and corrosive applications where both chemical resistance and high load capacity is required. Nylon wheels offer a smooth ergonomic ride, along with extreme impact strength and abrasion/compression resistance.

The precision ball bearings allow the solid nylon wheel to be used in towline applications. They are an easy to maintain durable wheel with low rolling resistance and are high wearing when compared to equivalent sized rubber wheels.

Our Extensive Product Range includes:

  • Central Locking Castors – Designed for equipment with central locking brake systems such as hospital beds. They have a load capacity of 125kg, Wheel diameter of 100mm and overall height of 120mm.
  • Light Duty Plate Mount Castor – L Series Castors feature a strong pressed steel construction with a zinc plate finish for plate and bolt hole mounting. They have a load capacity of 60kg, wheel diameter of 50mm and overall height of 72mm.
  • Solid Nylon Wheel – Nylon 6 is a structural plastic that is injection moulded to form different wheel sizes and shapes. Because it is a hard material it has a low rolling resistance (low push effort) however it does not absorb impact, so it is noisier over rough surfaces. Nylon generally has good chemical resistance to petroleum-based chemicals, cleaners and some acids. It has a loading capacity of 200kg and wheel diameter of 125mm.

Nylon Wheels & Castors have a:

  • Low rolling resistance
  • Durable
  • Non-marking
  • Ideal for hard, smooth surfaces and outside/wet environments
  • Also ideal for carpeted surfaces
  • Often used in refrigerated areas


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