Our Premium heavy-duty wheels and castors are capable of carrying capacities of 350kg to 10,000kg and our wheels have diameters of 80mm to 500mm.

Premium heavy-duty castors have robust frames and are usually fixed to the leg of the portable object with a sturdy steel plate. They are normally attached to devices that need to be moved manually or by mechanical power. This helps reduce manual labour and helps move around heavy duty equipment from one place to another with ease.

Just like the standard casters, heavy duty castors are also made in the swivel variety or the rigid sort. While swivel castors enable equipment to be pushed in any direction, rigid castors are restricted to only moving backwards and forwards. A lot of things need to be considered when buying castors. For instance, what equipment will they be used for, what sort of environment will they be used in, in terms of temperature and type of floor and how much mobility to they require.

We also offer directional locking attachments in our premium heavy-duty range. These are used when trolleys etc must be able to move long distances in a straight line. They can be disengaged to use the castor as a 360-degree swivel.

Some of our Premium Heavy Duty Products

  • Directional Locking Attachment – Our premium heavy duty directional locks for swivel wheels feature 4 position locking for directional travel and are easily attached to the underside of the castor mounting plate. They can be installed with the castor or added later using castor mounting bolts. Simple ring-pull pin or foot pedal operation available to suit our GHKE, GRDE, ABLP, ABE50, ABE75 & DABE75 castor series.
  • Cast Iron Wheel Blickle G Series – Our Blickle B-Series wheels are made of rugged cast iron, machined tread and tread edges, with grease nipple, exceptionally low rolling and swivel resistance, outstanding wear resistance, lacquered, colour silver. They are fitted with two pressed in ball bearings and are lubricated with lifelong grease. Functional in operating temperatures between -25C to 120C. For plain bore versions, a specific grease must be applied regularly. The relatively high floor pressure should be considered for pressure sensitive floors. The have a load capacity of 900kg and wheel diameter of 150mm.
  • Welded Steel Heavy Duty Twin Steel Castors – Blickle LSD-GTH series. Welded steel heavy duty twin wheel castors, strong swivel head design, with a Blickle Extrathane polyurethane tread. They have a load capacity of 10,000kg, wheel diameter of 500mm and overall height of 650mm.


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