Our rubber wheels and castors are made for commercial and industrial use. The range has load capacities of 40kg to 500kg, with wheel diameters of 50mm to 200mm.

The rubbers used in making the tyres for our castor wheels are softer bouncier materials that incorporate additives and properties to improve wear, reduce flat spotting and make them non-marking.

There are a few variations of rubber castor wheels, but they all have some common features:

  • Non-marking (doesn’t leave marks on your floor)
  • Shock absorbing
  • Quiet
  • Ideal for timber, vinyl, tiled, and concrete flooring

Types of Rubber

  • Rebound Rubber wheels are extremely quite wheels when in operation and have a low roll resistance, meaning they are easy for anyone to push. Rebound Rubber wheels are ideal for moving small loaded over uneven surfaces. Rebound rubber rolls over small obstacles with ease. Some application examples include waste bins, laundry trolleys, electrical equipment, and other “handle with care” items.
  • Institutional Rubber wheels are grey rubber wheels. They have sealed bearings and matching grey nylon thread guards for added protection. The benefit of sealed bearings is they eliminate any need for maintenance. You will see these types of wheel quite often in hospitals, schools, home use, and light industrial environments.
  • Anti-static (conductive) rubber wheels allow electricity to flow through the unit, eliminating static charges. This is very important for Medical industry applications where patient safety is of the utmost importance. It’s also highly recommended for industries like computer or electronics manufacturing.


Waste Bins Laundry Trolleys Electrical Equipment
Highly Explosive Applications Hotels Retail
Hotel Equipment Light Industrial Trolleys
Retail Trolleys Shopping Trolleys Food Service Trolleys
Hospitality Trolleys Rollcages Computer Manufacturing
Technology Manufacturing Schools Education Industry
Emergency Stretchers Operations Tables ICU Beds
Patients Beds Light Furniture Display Units
Catering Racks Food Preparation Areas Marine
Hospital Heavier Hospital Equipment Light to Medium Duty Trolleys
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