Our range of Specialty Rubber products have a range of load capacities from 80kg to 550kg and wheel diameters of 75mm to 250mm.

Our specialty rubber products are available in four-wheel types for a variety of applications, they are resilient blue rubber, nylon, thermoplastic elastomer & polyurethane.

Our Extensive Product Range is designed around your needs:

  • Low Roll and Swivel ResistanceSolid rubber castors and thermoplastic rubber castors for floor surface preservation and low-noise operation. Solid rubber wheels can be used on many applications. Thermoplastic rubber wheels are characterised by their low rolling and swivel resistance.
  • Moving over Hard-Wearing Surfaces– Solid rubber castors and soft rubber castors for optimum operational comfort on uneven surfaces. The solid rubber and soft rubber wheels are resistant to many aggressive substances.
  • Heavy Duty Swivel Castor – Heavy duty castors and wheels with super-elastic rubber wheels are particularly suitable for high loads. Heavy-duty twin wheel castors are used for extremely high load capacities.

The rubbers used to make the blue wheels range is from a softer bouncier material that incorporate additives and properties to improve wear, reduce flat spotting and make them non-marking. Softer tyred wheels are quiet rolling over rough and uneven surfaces, however their ability to carry heavier loads is reduced somewhat according to the hardness and resilience.

The castor wheels feature a bouncy high resilience blue rubber compound that is quiet, impact absorbing and non-marking which also returns some of the energy (bounce) that helps lower the rolling resistance when loaded to its correct capacity.


Medium Duty Warehouse Equipment Dollies Rollcages
Heavier Display Units Stock Trolleys Tool Boxes
Food Preparation Areas Hospital Equipment Warehouse Trolleys
Light Factory Equipment Shop Fitting Cabinet Making
Factory Machinery Heavy Duty Trolleys Workshop Benches
Airport Ground Service Equipment Waste Bin Skips Removalist Trolleys

How does each type of castor wheel perform on various surfaces?

I have created a handy table that can allow you to quickly get an idea of the types of castor wheels you should be looking for.

This table is an approximate guide only, always refer to individual product information before making a purchase.

Castor Wheel Floor Surface
Carpet Vinyl Tiled Concrete Asphalt Gravel/Dirt
Rebound Rubber Fair Good Fair Good Good Good
Institutional Rubber Fair Good Good Fair Fair Poor
Glass Filled Nylon ** Poor Poor Poor Good Poor Poor
Nylon Good Fair Poor Good Poor Poor
Cast Iron Poor Poor Poor Fair Fair Good
Polyurethane Good Good Fair Good Good Fair

**Refer to above notes (3. What types of castor wheels are available?) for further information.

Other important factors to consider when thinking floor surfaces:

  • Harder wheels require less effort to start turning on smooth surfaces – think polyurethane and nylon
  • For lower push effort over rough ground (asphalt, dirt), choose high resilience castor wheels such as rebound rubber or pneumatics
  • Nylon or polyurethane castor wheels are more suitable for dirty floors as they resist dirt particles
  • Domed-tyred wheels require less force to roll on carpeting, but will leave indentations if they are left stationary on carpets and softer surfaces
  • Flat profiled castor wheels will spread the load and prevent damage to floors, even when moving heavier loads
  • Rebound and institutional rubber is not recommended in corrosive environment. Polyurethane is very resistant and almost impervious to most solvents and chemicals.