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Product Spotlight – ELECTRIC PALLET JACK April 30, 2019 - Posted in: Product Spotlight


In a day an age where workers compensation claims are costing Australian businesses on average $11,500 per claim, it’s time to get serious about making the workplace safe and rigorous task easier.

Introducing the QHDC electric pallet Jack. With our pallet jack, moving stock has never been easier. With a rechargeable battery and a load capacity of 1.5 tonnes, this is a welcome addition to any warehouse or retail business. Moving stock is quick and easy and requires no effort as the motor does all the hard work.

The pallet Jack is built from tough materials and powder coated yellow for maximum visibility.

Combined with a number of safety features including a horn, killswitch, and auto reverse button. the electric pallet jack is easy and safe to use by any worker of any skill level. The operation of the jack is a simple as using the quick lock feature which enables the user to pump the jack-up smoothly and quickly. Squeezing the release trigger gently lowers the jack from any position. In case of a flat battery, you can easily override the pallet jack with a switch and use it manually.

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