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Product Spotlight – Keg trolley June 25, 2019 - Posted in: Product Spotlight

Keep the good times rolling with our Stainless Steel Keg Trolley

Our stainless steel keg trolley makes moving your keg stock easy, safe and hassle-free. Manufactured to hold 19, 30 and 50Litre kegs you can quickly attach a keg to the trolley brackets and wheel it into position with the foam filled tyres. The smooth movement reduces the risk of the damage to the keg and the shake-up to its contents. You will have peace of mind knowing your stock is safe and so are the staff who are moving it, mitigating the risk of costly workplace injury claims.

The specs and details are as follows:

Load Capacity: 160kg

Material: Stainless Steel

Wheel Diameter: 265mm

Tread Material: Foam Filled

Dimensions: 250 x 530 x 1250

Whether you’re a bar owner, brewer or anything in between our keg trolleys are the perfect addition to your business and make moving kegs easy.

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