250KG to 350KG Convertible Aluminum HANDTRUCK-HQ-250A4-L.jpg

Additional Information

Load Capacity (KG)


Dimensions - L X W X H (mm)

470 x 525 x x 1560 (on two wheels)


10″ Pneumatic Wheels, 5″ castor

250KG to 350KG Convertible Aluminum HANDTRUCK


Introducing our range of sturdy aluminium hand trucks, all three models are supplied with pneumatic wheels for a smooth ride over uneven surfaces, and are compatible with our range of aluminium nose plate extensions and replacement nose plates. Our HQ-250A4-L model is the is the ultimate in aluminium hand trucks, featuring extendible castor legs that lock into two different positions transforming it from a free standing two wheel hand truck to a four wheel flatbed trolley in the blink of an eye! Maximum load 250kg on 2 wheels.

Assembly required.