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Additional Information

Load Capacity (KG)


Finish | Material

Stainless Steel

Wheel Diam (mm)


Wheel Width (mm)


Tread Material | Centre Material

Heat Resistant Nylon | Heat Resistant Nylon

Wheel Bearing Type

Plain Bore

Overall Height (mm)


Mounting Type

Bolt Hole

Locking Type

Total Locking

bolt hole diameter


Special Feature


Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Castors


Blickle LIXR-POHI series. Heat-resistant stainless steel swivel castor with bolt hole fitting and ‘stop-fix’ brake, Heat-resistant, thermoplastic Blickle TempLine Performance wheel

Made of pressed high-quality, chromium-nickel stainless steel (Material No. 1.4301/AISI 304), with double ball bearing in the swivel head, strong central kingpin. The special Blickle dynamic riveting process of the swivel head results in smooth rolling characteristics, increased service life and the swivel head play is set specifically for high temperature applications, with special heat-resistant grease. All parts such as balls, central kingpin and axle material are corrosion-resistant. Bolted wheel axle. Vibration-ground finished. Operating temperature: -25 C to +250 C.

Made of high-quality, impact-resistant, highly heat-resistant nylon, very low rolling and swivelling resistance, smooth running performance on even floors, very high abrasion resistance, suitable for autoclaves.

Tread/Wheel centre:
Made of high-quality, impact-resistant and highly heat-resistant nylon.

Wheel centre colour:
Dark grey

$95.98(Incl. GST)

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