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Tread Material | Centre Material

Solid Rubber | Impact Resistant Polypropylene

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Blickle Castor Wheel with Standard Solid Rubber Tyre (VPP)

Castor Wheel

Blickle VPP Wheel Series

Tyres: Made with standard solid rubber, 80 shore A hardness, very high operational comfort, low noise operation, very good floor preservation, colour black, PAH comform in acc. to EU directive 2005/69/EC.
Wheels: made of high quality impact resistant polypropelene colour black.

Bearing Types:
– Plain bore, corrosion resistant
– Roller bearing, lubricated with lifelong grease
– Ball bearing: Two pressed in ball bearings lubricated with lifelong grease

Other Features
High chemical resistance to many aggressive substances except oils. Operating temperatures between -20C and 60C. At ambient temperatures above 30C the load capacity is reduced. Maintenace free under standard conditions.

$30.37(Incl. GST)

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