We have a great range of Adjustable Feet (also called Fixed Feet). They are a highly cost-effective option when you need a stationary table or display.

They are available in various size, shape and material options ensuring you can bring stability to your workshop and office environments.

Adjustable feet also allow you to raise or lower your tables, racks or machinery to match other areas in your workspace. This is a great way to make your workspace look professional and clean and helps you meet any OH&S safety requirements.

No matter your work environment, Hot or Cold, Wet or Dry, our extensive range of Adjustable Feet can meet your needs.

There are three types of Adjustable Feet available.

  1. Standard Fixed Feet are an economical model for lighter applications featuring zinc plated threaded stem and nut with a fibreglass reinforced nylon pad. The Tapered Nylon Foot has a thicker pad with lugs for easy hand adjustment, a zinc plated threaded stem & nut with a fibreglass reinforced nylon pad and a maximum static vertical load of 100200kg.
  2. The Heavy Nylon Foot has rubber inserts to reduce vibration, a zinc plated threaded stem, nut & pad cover and a maximum static vertical load of 200-250kg.
  3. The Steel Covered Foot is zinc plated with a maximum static vertical load of 300600kg.


Levelling machinery Shopfitting Shelving Racking
Static Displays Reducing Noise in a workshop Reducing vibration of machinery
Retail / Shops Restaurants Workshops
Events / Staging Industrial Manufacturing Medical Applications

Adjustable Feet Weight Guide

Many of our Adjustable feet options come with a specified weight rating where they are tested up to a particular level, this proves to be beneficial for many heavy uses where an idea of their performance is key. The below table outlines standard finding:

Weight Rating Model
Up to 50kg Weight Rated Articulating – 25mm Base
Up to 75kg Weight Rated Articulating – 32.5mm Base
Up to 100kg Weight Rated Articulating – 40mm Base
Up to 250kg Weight Rated Articulating – 47.5 & 55mm Base
Up to 500kg Weight Rated Fixed – 25mm Base
Up to 750kg Weight Rated Fixed – 37.5mm Base
Up to 750kg Weight Rated Articulating – 100mm Base
Up to 1000kg Weight Rated Fixed – 47.5mm Base
Up to 2000kg Weight Rated Fixed – 80mm Base

All figures stated above are a rough guide and may vary based on thread size and length, for an exact rating please see the product page.

When to use Adjustable Feet?

  1. When raising a piece of Furniture or Machinery – One of the most popular uses for adjustable feet is to raise a piece of Furniture or Machinery through the length of their thread, the longer the thread size the more height that you can add to your piece of Furniture or Machinery.
  2. To level off an object – Not only can adjustable feed raise an object, but some like the articulating and tilting feet are able to adjust to the flooring that they are placed on, allowing their use across un-even surfaces or varying heights.
  3. To reduce vibrations and noise – adjustable feet allowing you to increase the distance between the floor and the workbench or piece of machinery. It’s also a great and cost effective OH&S initiative as it could reduce the overall vibrations and noise. A rubber-based foot is great for noisy workshops as the rubber provides an unbeatable level of shock absorption.
  4. When frequent height adjustment is required – Another common use for adjustable feet includes their use as height adjusters, this allows for an object to be raised or lowered based on your requirements. This is frequently seen with portable stands, displays and stalls where they are regularly adjusted to suit the daily needs.