Wheels and castors available with load capacities ranging from 30kg to over 10,000kg. Diameters include: 30mm, 50mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 400mm. Ranging from the all-purpose wheels and castors to diverse specialties including medical, extreme temperature, corrosion resistant, premium heavy duty, stainless steel frames, spring loaded castors for logistics and levelling castors.

We also carry automatic reset castors for AGV use, deadman brakes, drum brakes and plate mounted central locking, pallet jack steer wheels and rollers as well as guide rollers, V-groove and flange wheels, pneumatic wheels and castors up 1300kg capacity, super elastic rubber wheels and castors up to 1885kg capacity and chain steering castor sets.

In addition to wheels and castors we stock a wide range of accessories such as expanding adaptors, knock in inserts, truck and floor locks, adjustable feet and fixed feet for shelving systems and heavy duty steel ball transfer units.

We are the exclusive Australian distributors for the world renowned Blickle brand, which engineer and fabricate premium quality wheels, castors and accessories. This Germany based company is committed to excellence in everything they do, resulting in products of the highest quality. All wheels and castors possess the latest production technology which feature a high degree of automation. They are high-quality, long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Our brands also include Di Candia, Haion and Flywheel, which give us a larger range of selection for wheels and castors.

Wheels and castors have a wide range of applications in the industrial, warehousing, retail, furniture, hospitality, medical and retail industries.

Castors are available in different mounting types, such as rigid plate, rigid bolt hole, solid stem, swivel bolt hole and swivel plate. Other features include total brakes or directional brakes, wheel brakes, drum brakes and twin wheels.