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Additional Information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 121 x 64 x 109 cm
Finish | Material

Zinc Plated Steel

Tread Material | Centre Material

Rubber Wheels

Volume (Litres)




Additional Needs Trolley

Special Needs Trolley

Making life easier. Catering for families with a disabled child as they go about their shopping excursions is the objective of a recent innovation in trolley design. The team at QHDC Australia, a major supplier of trolleys in the Australasian market, has spent many hours perfecting a design that is sufficiently robust to be able to carry a person weighing up to 70kgs along with the groceries and other purchases. The trolley incorporates padded seating and side arm rest, a 4 point harness system, rear mounted swivelling wheels with total locking brakes, fixed direction front wheels for easy steering and control, and a 90 litre basket capacity. Early reaction indicates that this unique trolley will go a long way towards making life easier for those families with special needs. Fitted with rear brakes.