Hospital Equipment Wheelchair Mover- Q-120-065.jpgWHEELCHAIR MOVER.jpg
Hospital Equipment Wheelchair Mover- Q-120-065.jpgWHEELCHAIR MOVER.jpg

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Hospital Equipment Wheelchair Mover

Mobility Accessory

Designed in partnership with hospital safety experts, The WheelChair Mover is the first and only FDA approved power assist wheelchair drive device, making patient transport safe, smooth and effortless. The WheelChair Mover attaches to a variety of standard, bariatric, and staxi wheelchairs, easily transporting patients and passengers through hallways, hospitals, jetways, and long concourses while reducing potential injury and physical strain to transport personnel.

First & Only FDA Approved WheelChair Power Assist
FDA 510(K) Cleared Class II Medical Device-K073701
.5 HP, 24 V, Geared Front Wheel Drive
Rated for 750 lb (340 kg) max capacity
Unit is UL-Certified (583 ES)
On-Board UL-Certified Smart Charger
(2) 12 V Maintenance-Free Batteries
White Plastic Shell Resists Rust & Wear
Patented Automatic Dynamic Braking for Safe Stopping on Ramps
Ergonomic Throttle Control
Advanced Safety Features


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